Since 1972 we’ve been manufacturing displays and supports for jewerly industry. We exclusively work on tailored solutions specifically targeted on each single need coming from our customers around the world; the searching of newness and beauty while facing tastes becoming more and more focused on highly refined standards are the challenges we are proud to deal with on a daily base.
We always keep focused on innovative ideas allowing both jewelry stores and luxurious boutiques to display their preciousness under a selective and elegant standing.
Our manufacturing approach to the market is unique: every kind of request we are asked about shortly becomes a high added value project, starting from the main idea up to the production.
Since the very beginning we clearly adopted the choice to do not adhere to any kind of mass production either imported items: our distinctiveness is the whole artisanal production process so that the care and the attention we pay to every single client and to every single need is kept to the highest level and consequently processed.
Should we be involved in international prestigious brands or in very local realities, we meet our customers exactly where the needs arise; after a shared briefing, our work begins: we study, we prototype, we constantly follow up to make sure that the whole process is handled to cover both expectations and final result.
At that point the goal is finally reached. Putting togheter long lasting experience, attention to the details and passion for our job has made it possible: high quality and real MADE IN ITALY are preserved to their original meaning.
We produce supports ( necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, jewels ) but we also work on windows environment and shop furniture. We specifically deal with precious, high quality materials ( i.e. raw wood, leather, Alcantara, silk ) which are always selected and manufactured in our factory located in Alessandria, Italy.
Because only if the whole process takes place in Italy we can talk about MADE IN ITALY.

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